Elo Boosting Services to Aid League Players Affected by Elo Hell

League of Legends is a great game. Ideally, it should deliver to gamers one of the best and most action-packed strategic gaming experiences available on today’s market. However, League of Legends is infected with a disease. It is plagued by the terrible problem commonly referred to as elo hell.


Elo hell is one of the most prevalent problems for players of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA game title League of Legends. Its symptoms include that of a countless swarm of terrible and bad games on the lower divisions of the League of Legends ranking system. It is brought about by the terrible and inconsiderate behavior of trolls, afkers, and quitters that populate these divisions. Needless to say, elo hell is the cause of a lot of headaches and frustration for every serious gamer playing League of Legends

It has been theorized that the disease of elo hell is an offspring of the inherent flaws within the League of Legends ranking system itself. The League of Legends ranking system is structured like a ladder, with divisions that proceed in an ascending order. Every player of League of Legends aims to climb this ladder as they spend time playing the game. This structure was originally intended so as to create balance matches for League players. By segregating the population into different divisions, the system prevents the mixing of newbies from more experienced players. This means that experienced players won’t get to overpower newbies. Consequently, newbies won’t get to compromise the matches and performance of more experienced gamers. This all sounds good but this system is not perfect.

The League of Legends ranking system is structured in a way that assigns different values to different accounts. Those accounts belonging to the lower divisions naturally have the least value. These accounts are treated as dispensable and gamers won’t feel very bad if ever these are lost or compromised. By pooling all these accounts together on a common cyberspace, the League of Legends ranking system creates a hostile environment where the population is able to ignore the common sanctions of being banned or reported. All of these inevitably lead to the problem of elo hell.

The only proven solution to the problem of elo hell is to raise the rank of an account to the higher divisions of League. The overwhelming bad games in the lower divisions make the necessary task of grinding a nightmare though. Thankfully, the service of elo boosting like ELOboostPROS.com exists.

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